Rejoice & Rise 2022: A Body Love Uprising

A virtual event, will take place on 14 February at 1:00pm EST (19:00 MEZ) to usher in the 2022 One Billion Rising season. Jacqui Lewis (Middle Collegiate Church and Fierce Love) and V (Founder of V-Day and One Billion Rising) will host a conversation about what it means to truly love our bodies, honor and respect them and the Earth in the midst of a global pandemic.

Artists, thinkers and activists will be part of the hour-long event, bringing their unique perspectives and talents. Readings, performances, poems from Amanda Hambrick Ashcraft, Taina Asili, Kaliswa Brewster, Judith Clark, Kaitlin Curtice, Chanel DaSilva, Madge Deitrich, DaMaris B. Hill, Adrienne Hurd, Dominique Jackson, Saru Jayaraman, Agnes Pareyio, Martha Redbone, Caelyn Osborn, Emma Thompson, Madina Wardak, and Terry Tempest Williams.  

To register/attend Rejoice & Rise 2022: A Body Love Uprising, visit:

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